EDOB: 2018

Gender: Female
Good with: Easygoing cats

Energy level: Average

Clementine was a homeless cat in Coaldale who came to the rescue on January 17, 2019. She was initially thought to be pregnant however, she actually had intestinal inflammation for which she was treated and she is now happy and healthy. Clementine is a very sweet and affectionate girl who loves attention from her humans. She loves pets and kisses and Clementine will rub all over you to return the love, snuggling up to you like a warm hug. She loves to keep you company and will walk with you around the house as you do chores.  When Clementine isn't busy being her loving self, she enjoys playing with her toys. She loves playing with pretty much any toy that she can find but she especially loves little toy balls; she will bat and chase them all over the house, entertaining herself for hours! Clementine has lots of personality, she is a little sassy, princess. She is quite talkative and will have a conversation with you if you talk to her. Clementine doesn’t mind other cats just as long as they respect her space.

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