est. DoB: 01 August 2021 

good with: children, cats, possibly dogs

activity level: active-kittens

These four little girls had a very rough start - their mom was hit and killed by a car when they were very little. They were bottle-fed and taken care of at the vet clinic for a full month until they were strong enough to go to a foster home where they have thrived. They are sweet, playful, inquisitive, and can be full of mischief. They would do best as bonded sibling pairs or in homes with other cats.

CHA-CHA (black and white - more white on chin)

Some might think of Cha-Cha as an "aggressive cuddler" - she gets right up in your face when she wants to snuggle and pushes her face right into you, purring all the while.  If you are looking at your phone or tablet, you may have to put it down for a moment and give Cha-Cha some attention. When you go to pick her up, she throws herself backwards so that she can be in the purr-fect position to give you big hugs. 

GRANOLA (black and white)

Granola is the biggest, but also the most gentle, of these sisters. She is the first to come say good morning and help start the day on the right foot. She is very sweet and will seek you out to rub on your legs, while purring, as you start your day. Be careful when standing near furniture as you just may suddenly find a kitten sitting on your shoulders! Granola will jump to you from any somewhat-high place to get her snuggles in and sometimes she will even attempt to climb your legs to get closer to you.

RADLEY (grey and white)

This adventurer is the first to explore new places and show her sisters the ropes - quickly getting them involved in all the new things she finds. Radley loves to climb and will be the first to get up high for a nice view of her world. You name it, she will try to climb it, and she is quite happy to perch on your shoulders and tour around the house.

TWIX (black)
Twix may be the smallest, but she is still big on loving people.  While all of her sisters like to perch on shoulders (she will too), she is quite content to be cradled in your arms and will happily stay there as long as you let her. She is also quite happy to be a lap cat and snuggle-in when you are watching television or reading a good book. Twix is not quite as "in your face" as her sisters, and tends to be quieter.

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