est DoB: 2014

Constance was found out in Broxburn with 2 litters of kittens - 3 juveniles, and 3 nursing kittens in November 2019.  
She is a very sweet girl who loves treats and pets, but she’s not a "lap cat" just yet.  Constance would do best as an only cat.


Constance has 2 large mammary cysts, and while usually a bad sign, Constance is one of the lucky ones.  One cyst is fatty tissue, while the other is liver cells.  When the specialist vet examined her, he felt she had been shot with a rifle.  There are indications she had a broken humorous which left fragments in the path of the bullet, and this may have caused the cyst comprised of liver tissue (rifle pellets carried liver cells across her abdomen).

In spite of living a hard life, this lovely girl is learning to play, and becoming more trusting every day.