Foster Testimonials

"I am a senior who started fostering in January of 2018 when LCCR posted an urgent request for a foster home for two young toms whose owners had suddenly become homeless. I had them for two months until their owners were able to reclaim them. Since then I have had four fosters, two of which have been adopted! I have always found the other foster parents to be welcoming and the admin to be supportive, helpful and easy to reach. I hope what I do helps those who need help and have no voice." ~Judith S.

"I fostered Artemis. The process was very simple, and it is always quick to get the food and toys for them I need. It worked amazing for me as a student. I didn't have to worry about costs, but I still had the company of a cat that I missed so much being away from home. I missed him when he got adopted, but I feel good knowing I helped that happen and was there to care for him." ~Morgan P.

"Fostering for LCCR is awesome. You get to watch the cats or kittens grow and develop their own personality, which is truly amazing." ~Breanne R.

"Leslie... the perfect apartment cat. Quiet, mostly friendly, she is either playing, hiding, or sleeping. It's nice that 'someone' is always waiting for me to come home and happy to see me. :)" ~Jennifer K.

"This is Taffy Monet (now known as Luna). Just over a year ago I had the blessing of being chosen to be her Foster Mamma. She came to me at about 12 weeks old after having surgery on her rear right leg with a rod and pins implanted to help her break heal. She got 2 months of quarantine to keep her confined so she’d heal properly and a small mammary gland scare - one year later she is happy, healthy and such a treasure. I was in love after the first day and adopted her once she was cleared to be adopted. She is now all grown and part of the family" ~Carrie P.

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