CHINA + Egg Roll, Miso, Tofu, Wonton

Momma China and her kittens are all good with other cats and people.

Three kittens are female, and one is male (Miso).

Kittens were born on 22 May 2021 and have normal kitten energy.


est DoB: 15 April 2020 
activity level: average/relaxed 
China was a stray dropped off at a vet clinic in Lethbridge and she was found to be pregnant. China is a sweet girl with big, loud purrs... is very affectionate, and loves to cuddle!  She even seems to "smile"!
She is a great mom and her 4 beautiful kittens are all ready for adoption.
China would do best in a home with another cat, perhaps even one of her kittens!

EGG ROLL (white on the side of her nose)

Miss Egg Roll is sweet, affectionate, caring and compassionate. She also definitely gives out the “big sister" vibes! 
She has a balanced/middle ground personality - not quite as energetic as Tofu or Miso, but more outgoing than Wonton.

MISO (more brown toned tabby)

This little guy is the first one that comes running for attention and love!  
He is a sweet, affectionate guy who is playful and loves to climb.


TOFU (more grey toned tabby)

Tofu is active, playful and adventurous! She loves to play with toys and strings, and wrestle her siblings! This girl is very outgoing and inquisitive. 

WONTON (white on top of her nose)

Wonton is a sweet little girl who with her siblings, but is also independent 
and will go lay in the little loft.  She is a sweet, affectionate, little girl who loves soft snuggles and affection. She is the shyest of all the kittens 

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