est. DoB: 01 June 2018
good with: relaxed cat(s)
energy level: average/relaxed

Sweet Coriander was abandoned on an acreage outside of the city.  She was there for about two months when the owners decided she wasn’t cut out for acreage life. 
She is a very sweet cat who isvery shy and mellow.


Coriander did not interact much with the other cats or volunteers at the intake house, but she did love to eat!  Recently moved to a foster home, she is coming out of her shell, learning to play with toys and with her foster dad.

Coriander would do well as an only cat or with another mellow cat.  She is FIV positive which is rare for a female cat. There is no risk to humans and an extremely low risk of transmission to other cats - it is passed most often from deep bite wounds given during a fight, and this girl is not a fighter.


Coriander 2.jpg