EDOB: October 2017

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Corrina was found behind Cafe Verde on January 3, 2018 with her brothers Mo and Larry. She is a very sweet, petite girl who loves to be pet and even with her small size, has a wonderful, big purr. As you pet her she will stand up on her little tippy toys to push her back up as high as she can into your hand, and will curl her little tail enjoying every second of the attention. If you go to pet her while she is napping she will roll over to get some belly rubs in while purring and kneading the whole time. Corrina is a laid-back girl who you’ll find relaxing around the house often snuggled up with either Larry or another male cat. She doesn’t mind female cats, but she more enjoys cuddling and playing with the boys! Corrina is easygoing but she is also a princess with the sweetest sass. If another cat is bothering her she will give them a stern look with her face and strut her little self away. She and Larry will often come for your loving together and rub up on each other in between your pats, but if they get in each others space when they’re not in the mood for it they will have a little spat where they bop each other with their paws, typical siblings! Sure enough, the next time you see them they’ll be sleeping beside each other again. Corrina spends most of her day relaxing but she does enjoy the occasional play. If you play with a wand toy, Corrina will scoot after and try to catch it. If another cat comes by to play with it as well, she will let them take the lead because she is such a passive, sweet girl to the other cats. Corrina would love to be adopted with one of her pals or into a home with friendly male cats.

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