EDOB: 2005

Gender: Male

Energy level: Relaxed

Cosmo was surrendered on March 14, 2018 after his person needed to move to a higher level care facility. He initially was very shy and scared but he slowly learned to trust humans again and he is becoming friendlier and more comfortable every day! Cosmo enjoys getting attention and love from those he is comfortable with; he loves head rubs and will push his head against your hand. When he asks to be picked up, he melts into your arms and you may even hear a faint, soft purr coming from him as well. When he’s having a nap he loves to be gently pet and will slowly, keep rolling over until he is on his back but not for belly rubs, his belly is just for show! Cosmo enjoys your company and will walk with you around the house, rubbing himself against your leg. If you've stopped walking to start a task, he will gladly help you by hoping up on the nearest chair so he can watch you very intently. Cosmo is very handsome and he has a funny personality. He spends most of his day napping, but once the other cats have fallen asleep, Cosmo loves to explore the house and talk away. Cosmo will occasionally get a burst of energy and will zip as fast as he can between rooms! He will try to stop but he will keep on sliding because of his big fluffy paws. He will then hop up into his bed to dig, dig and dig until he has decided it is ready to sleep in. Cosmo also loves to pounce after his cat springs and wrestle with his honeysuckle pouch! He also loves to sit and watch out the windows and to cool off he lay will on his back in front of the air conditioning vent, letting his fluffy belly hair dance in the wind. He is a very smart guy and will come right up to you, look you straight in the eyes, meow and lead you to whatever he would like done!

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