EDOB: 2016

Gender: Female
Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Average

Cydney was rescued from an abusive home August 2018 and went to a loving foster home where she learnt to trust humans again. To describe Cydney in 3 words it would be affectionate, independent and fun.  She is the sweetest girl who loves cuddles, pets and the side of her head scratched by her ears. She loves attention and is very accepting even though she had a rough past. Once she has had some loving, Cydney will gladly help you with chores around the house but usually she will go off to relax by herself around the house or catio. She loves napping in the warm sunshine as it comes to the window. Then as soon as she hears a toy move or something fun happening around the house, Cydney is ready to come investigate. This spunky girl loves any and all toys, she’ll dart through her tunnels and jump over obstacles to get her toy caught! Cydney oves her scratching post; at odd times during night she will go crazy and run around the house, then stop at the cat tree, scratch super hard, and look back at you upside down with big black eyes! Cydney doesn’t mind other cats just as long as they are respectful of her space.

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