est DoB: 23 July 2020

good with: their siblings, so far

energy level: average - kitten

Dana and Scully were discovered in Stirling with their mother Ginger and litter mates, Fox, Frohikee, and Rayez, as well as older siblings Fin, Puck, and Sprite.

Dana ienjoys chatting with her humans, is very curious, and is even okay with chiuldren picking her up.  She loves watching ceiling fans and swatting at bugs.  Dana enjoys affection and will gently nip at your arm if she isn't getting the pets she wants! Her favourite toys are the plastic springs she can chase around the house!

Scully is very soft fluffy girl whose coloring seems to be getting lighter as she grows up. At first, she wanted to be left alone but now loves getting affection.  She can be jumpy though and unexpected noises seems to startle her. This sweet girl has a meow you can barely hear, loves to play with ice cubes, and hide under comforters and blankets. Scully thinks she’s human by the way she sits, and likes to be nearby during family meals.

Dana 01.jpg

Dana (above) and Scully (below)

Scully 01.jpg