EDOB: 2016

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Dango came in from Raymond on March 18, 2018 after he was found with frostbite and a badly infected foot. He has healed well and is now a happy, healthy boy. When Dango first came to the rescue he was not fond of the other male cats, but now he gets along with almost anyone and is very kind to the younger cats. Dango is a very sweet and easy going guy! He loves to spend his afternoon with the other cats relaxing in the catio and once he has had a good nap, he will come looking for some love from his humans. He will rub himself gently on your legs to let you know that he is ready for some love! Dango loves to be cuddled and pet, and he appreciates every moment of affection; he rolls all over, kneads, purrs his soft, gentle purr and closes his eyes in pure bliss. This boy just loves to be loved! He may be a laid-back boy, but he still loves a good play. He loves all kinds of toys and when he hears you start to move a toy he will come galloping from the other room ready for the hunt! He focuses very intently on his toys, but if another cat comes to play as well Dango is easygoing enough to share the toy with them. His most favourite thing in this world are toys filled with catnip; he will wrestle them and toss them up into the air! After he is done playing, Dango is always very grateful for a treat and will go off to relax for the rest of the day. He is a wonderful boy!

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