female, male

est. DoB: 19 Apr 2022
activity level: kitten - active
good with: cats

A lovely couple found an adorable calico kitty named Tuesday under the hood of their car. Unfortunately they were unable to track down her owner, so they asked LCCR for help where it was discovered she was pregnant.

Mama Tuesday was adopted by a neighbour and now her babies are all ready for homes of their own! 

DINAH (f) is a sweetheart. She's a fluffy white kitty with black and orange patches. She loves to play with her toys, as well as shoes. She's very fluffy and soft. She's very comfortable with other cats, and very very comfortable around people.

DOMINO (m) is a very curious fluffy white kitty with black patches. He loves to play with his toys and sleep snuggled up with his sister. Strings are one of his favourite toys. He's very comfortable with other cats and people.


Dinah 01.jpg
Domino 01.jpg