DUTCHESS +Berlioz, Hector, Maurice

est DoB:  S01 September 2019 
good with: children
activity level: average/relaxed 

Duchess was being fed by one of our supporters and came into care when she had kittens. Duchess is a great mom and even though she was skin and bones, her kittens were clean and healthy.  Duchess is now back to her normal weight and ready for adoption.  Although not much of a cuddler, she is very friendly and enjoys being picked up and petted.  She is very protective of her kittens and is not fond of other cats. She is starting to get better but remains very protective of her kittens. She would do best in a home with one of her kittens or alone or with another laid back cat (female would be best).

Berlioz, Hector, Maurice
DoB: 28 July 2021
good with: children and other cats 
activity level: playful/kitten 

These kittens were initially shy and are still a little leery of people and take time to warm up to anyone new, but are fearless explorers when they’ve decided that it’s safe.  They are full of energy, happy to play with their toys, and run after their foster brothers and sisters.  They all like to sleep close to their foster mom at night, but are not interested in cuddles just yet. They are working on their manners and play a bit rough sometimes but are easily distracted.  

Berlioz and Hector are petite like their mom and are best buddies. They often play and sleep together and would love to be adopted together. Maurice is quite a bit bigger and is more independent, but would be happier with another cat to play with.

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