EDOB: 2014

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Dylan was found in October 2017 on the South-side and was not claimed. He is an easy-going, lovable guy who is fairly independent but still loves getting attention! Dylan will hop onto your lap to be pet and get head rubs, and he will show his appreciation by giving you gentle little nibbles and licks. He may often put on a serious face but Dylan truly is a loving, gentle boy; he loves soft, fluffy blankets which he will knead and suck on while purring loudly and then will snuggle into to have a nap. When Dylan isn't busy getting cuddles or napping, he is exuberant and full of personality! He loves to help you with anything that you are doing around the house, often sitting right beside you watching very intently. He loves watching water come out of the tap but he still hasn't been convinced yet by his pals to actually try to drink the tap water. Dylan loves other easygoing cats and will often find a specific pal to relax with. He will spend the afternoons hanging out in the catio watching the birds but once night has fallen, Dylan loves to play with the other cats by chasing each other around the house. He tries to run so fast that his paws start to slip on the floor! 

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