EDOB: 2013/2014

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Relaxed

Echo was found abandoned and crying at the front door of his house in August of 2017 after his family moved and left him. He had a hematoma in his ear that healed well. Echo first came to the intake house but he was stressed by the other alpha males and he started losing his hair. He shortly after moved into a foster home where his hair has grown back and he is a happy boy! Echo is sweet, handsome and very opinionated. He is not shy at all, if he doesn't like something he will quickly let everyone know with his unique, loud meow! Echo is very affectionate and loves to cuddle; he loves to push his head up under your chin for a snuggle. He will affectionately pat your face with his paw, showing you just how much he loves you!  If you aren't available for cuddles, Echo will nuzzle into one of your sweaters instead. He loves to chase the dot of a laser pointer or wrestle with a toy filled with cat nip; he has a very favourite orange fuzzy ball that he will specifically pick out of the toy bin to play with. You will mostly find Echo relaxing with his foster brother, Tobi or laying in his cat tree having a nap! Echo also loves to go on 'walks' outside and will go over to the door, meow loudly and then check over his shoulder to see if his foster mom is coming to his wishes. Echo is a funny guy! 

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