Three siblings: Elliott, Price, and Sophie were born on 24 June 2021.  They were joined by Molasses (DoB: 22 July 2021) who needed a mom and he fit right in! All are playful kittens who get along well with children and are comfortable around other cats and an older relaxed dog.  They would do best if adopted with one of their siblings, or into a home with another relaxed cat.


Elliot (male - tuxedo)
Elliot is a big boy who is going to keep growing for a while, if those massive front paws are any indication.  He loves to play, run, and purr, and loves a good cuddle when playtime is through.  Who could resist a man in a tuxedo - especially one with such beautiful eyes and a beauty mark?

Molasses (female - black)
Molasses is a sweet curious girl - always exploring and finding new places to go.  This black beauty has a sweet temperament, and likes to snuggle with you when you sleep.  There is nothing slow about this Molasses - she will steal your heart and run with it!

Price (male - tabby)
Price is a sweet and gentle boy who loves to nap in your lap.  He has the tiniest kink at the end of his tail, and a soft, fluffy, white and tabby-striped coat.  Even though little Price often wears a serious expression, he is right in the middle of things when his siblings decide to play.

Sophie (female - calico)
Sophie is the most petite of the group, but uses it to her advantage.  She loves to jump on your back when you lean over to scoop the litter box.  Little Sophie has even been known to climb up a pant leg or two.  If you look carefully, you’ll see that this little sweetheart has 2 freckles on the end of her nose.  A calico cutie! She’s a playful, fun, sweet, little girl.

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