EDOB: 2016

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Emily was a community cat that come from Fort Macleod on September 24, 2017 after the home they were living under was going to be demolished. She is beautiful; a Torbi, tortie and tabby mix, and a polydactyl on all four paws! She was a very shy girl when she first came to the rescue however, with love, encouragement and patience Emily now loves everyone! She is a loving, gentle girl who has a heart of gold. She loves nothing more than to hop onto your lap for pets or to nap on the couch curled up against your legs. It really doesn't matter what you are doing around the house, Emily loves to give you company while you do it. She will lay beside you watching intently, often falling asleep not long after. Emily is such an affectionate girl, she loves to be pet and she will roll over for some chest rubs as well but she especially loves her face to be rubbed. She purrs the whole time and kneads her amazing paws. But don’t be fooled by her sweet cuddles, this girl loves to play! Her favourite is to wrestle with toy mice and she will fling them up into the air, pounce after them and then have a good wrestle! 

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