est DoB: 31 May 2020

energy level: active - kitten

good with: cats, dogs, probably children


This adorable boy is super playful and likes to zoom around the house. He still has a kitten habit of nibbling on his humans, but once he finds more outlets for his energy, he will surely grow out of it.


Finnigan is super sweet and purrs whenever you pick him up.  Once he gets past the kitten-stage, he's sure to become a real cuddle bug!

Right now, Finnigan's legs are too long for his body, so he's got a lot of growing to do and will certainly be a bigger cat.  He's funny to watch because he doesn't quite know how to move his body gracefully yet.


He is very curious and likes to get into everything right now.  Hecan be a plant chewer and will try to dig in the pot, as well as dig in the litter when he's bored.  He definitely needs to be an active part of his human family so he has things to do.


Finnigan is a talker, and loves chasing a laser-pointer - he always gets a treat at the end so that he has a 'prize' to catch.

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