EDOB: 2007

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Relaxed

Franklin was adopted from us 8 years ago but ended up at the city pound. In 2015 one of our volunteers recognized him and brought him back to the rescue. His tail had been damaged and he needed to have part of it amputated, but he is now healed and healthy. Franklin has beautiful green eyes and is a very sweet, independent boy. He loves to relax in the catio and will spend his afternoons having a good nap. Even as a strong, silent type, Franklin still loves playing with toys filled with cat nip! But most of all, Franklin loves getting attention from his humans and he loves to be pet. He will show his love and appreciation with his deep purr and by rubbing his head into your hand. Franklin is a gentle, happy boy who would do well with another cat, dog (if they are accepting of him) or by himself.

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