These three siblings were found in Taber as strays with no mom.

1 female, 2 male
est DoB: 01 April 2021
activty level: active - kitten

good with: cats, dogs, children

Freya (f - dilute calico)
Freya is an energetic girl who likes to snuggle, but on her own terms.  She is the "troublemaker" of the bunch: always looking to take food, or pounce on the dogs to play! Freya will let you know when she's feeling lonely, or not heard, with her lion-like meow. She is very picky with her litter box and wants it kept clean.  She loves other cats, trying to befriend them instantly, and likes dogs but can be a bit sassy with them. Freya would do best in a home with children and/or other pets, possibly one of her siblings.

Gilbert (m - grey)
Playful, snuggly, and friendly... there is so much positive to say about this boy! Gilbert loves everyone and is the goof-ball of the litter.  He loves being carried around and held while he sleeps. Gilbert has a loud purr and is more calm than his littermates. He is good with cats and dogs and would do best in a family with other pets and/or children.

Stash (m - grey/white)
Energetic, snuggly, and playful Stash looks out for his siblings. He is good with other cats, and is warming up to dogs quite quickly. Stash absolutly adores children, and loves to cuddle in bed at night with anyone he can find.  He would do best with a family with children and/or other pets.

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