est. DoB: August 2021
activity level: active
good with: ______


I came to the Cat Ranch with a lovely volunteer after hanging around her house for a few days. She tried to find my owners, but no one came to claim me so she brought me to the Ranch.


She thought I was a boy so she called me Fritz. When they took me to the vet, they discovered I am actually a GIRL! I already knew that of course, but humans can't speak cat and that's okay because I like my new name! 

I am very friendly with people and love to cuddle. The volunteers here say I'm cute and I agree. However, I don't like other kitties very much and I get quite growly if they come too close.


I love the fresh air and will try to sneak out the door if you keep it open. You'll have to keep an eye on me, but what can I say...?  The hills are alive and this kitty wants to sing!

Fritz 06.jpg