These siblings came from Picture Butte as strays with their mom who was still feeding them and is pregnant with another litter.

2 female, 2 male
est DoB: 01 May 2021
activity level: active - kitten


Gemma (f - dilute torti)
Gemma is a sweet girl who loves to play, but it can take her a while to warm up to people. She purrs up a storm when getting pets, but she is quite independent. She would do best in a home with one of her siblings, or other pets.

Jamie (m - grey tabby)
Jamie is a sweet little boy and is the first to come for love, pets and affection when his foster mom walks into the room in the morning. He is very adorable! This playful boy gets along well with dogs and loves other cats.

Julie (f - calico)
Julie likes to wrestle with her brother Tony - she's not the instigator but definitely isn't far behind! She is very cuddly and loving, but also very playful. She gets along well with other cats and dogs too. She definitely knows she is pretty and shows it!

Tony (m - tuxedo)
This boy is the fearless ring-leader and definitely leads at his foster home. He is a little inquisitive rascal who is the first to interact with other humans, dogs, or cats. He is an out-going guy who is a bit of a clown ! He would definitely do well in a home with other cats, dogs and children

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