est. DoB: October 2015
activity level: average/shy

Ginger is the matriarch of the family and was found in Stirling with two litters including Dana, Fin, Fox, Puck, Rayez, and Scully (all adopted).

She is a shy sweetheart who, once she gets to know people, rubs up on their legs, purrs, and likes pets. This lovely girl just needs to be given a chance.



est. DoB: 23 July 2020
activity level: average

This short haired boy is full of spunk and attitude. He sometimes likes people and other times swats and hisses - depending on his mood. He has always been an independant boy, and is not a fan of new cats.  He would do best as an only pet or adopted with Ginger.

Ginger 01.jpg
Frohikee 6.jpg