GINGER + Frohikee, Sprite


Ginger (f) est DoB: October 2015

Frohikee (m) and Sprite (f) est DoB: 15 May 2020

GINGER was found in Stirling with 5 eight week old kittens: Dana, Fox, Frohikee, Rayez, and Scully... and 3 slightly older kittens: Fin, Puck, and Sprite. 

Ginger had several litters and is relieved that she won’t be having any more.  She was very ill when she came to us, but has since rebounded.

She is pretty relaxed and mostly lies around, and while still a bit shy, she has started rubbing on her foster humans and purring for some attention.

FROHIKEE is a free spirit who loves to run around and wrestle, but also enjoys some alone time.  He will come around for some affection when he is ready, but he is definitely independent.


SPRITE is still a bit shy around her humans, but she no longer runs and hides from them!  This darling girl enjoys getting pets and playing with toys.  Her forever humans would need to give her a bit of time to get comfortable before seeing her true personality.

Ginger 02.jpg
Frohikee 1.jpg
Sprite 8.jpg