est DoB: 15 September 2021

energy level: active

good with: _______


GRAYCIE The finder of this little family spotted Graycie (still a kitten herself) and her babies in, under, and around her shed in Fairmont. Graycie was very scared, but not aggressive, and had a pleading look in her eye when she was stroked or touched. She has an innocent softness and will make a wonderful pet. When the family went to their foster home, Graycie was super shy at first but within hours they could pet her and within days she was rubbing on their legs. She’s a talker as well. She’s not afraid to tell you what she wants and how she wants it!


male (1) and female (2)
est DoB: 01 June 2022

energy level: active - kittens

good with: cats




RISHI (f) This female tabby also has a broken M on her forehead and a little orange/brown blotch on top of her head. She has white around her mouth, is lighter around her eyes, and has the darkest nose of all the tabbies in the litter. Rishi was the shyest kitten out of the bunch but with some pets and cuddles she’s now a very affectionate and sweet kitten. She loves to sleep. It’s pretty well her favourite thing ever. She has got to be the chillest kitten you have ever seen!