est DoB: 2010

A message from Hank: "Hello my future roommates! I'm not going to lie, as I'm getting older I can't be bothered with the younger cats. I do enjoy playing with the humans, and when my foster-human grooms me it makes me feel like a prince! I do have some tender areas though because I was homeless for years, but when you cuddle me now you will notice I'm softer than a baby's bottom!"

Hank was a stray that one of the LCCR volunteers had been feeding for a few years.  Once he started receiving the love and care he needed, he turned into a very sweet and loving cat. 


While he bears the scars of years on the streets, he is definitely a lover and not a fighter; he probably lost every scrap he ever found himself in!  Hank has no trouble asking for the attention he wants; he will walk right up to you and meow for you to pet or brush him.

This loving, slightly silly boy would be a wonderful addition to the right home.

Hank hats.jpg