est DoB: 2014

Hank was a stray that one of the LCCR volunteers had been feeding for a few years.  He was very scared and growl-y at first, but once he started receiving the love and care he needed, he has turned into a very sweet and loving cat. 


While he bears the scars of years on the streets, he is definitely a lover and not a fighter; he probably lost every scrap he ever found himself in!  If other cats growl or hiss at him, he does not retaliate and either sits there or walks away.

Hank has no trouble asking for the attention he wants; he will walk right up to you and meow for you to pet or brush him.


Hank enjoys his food and has become a bit of a "taste tester" at the intake house - checking out various plates of wet food to make sure they are up to snuff!


This loving, slightly silly boy would be a wonderful addition to the right home.

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