Honeydew & Melon

EDOB: August 1, 2017

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Honeydew and Melon came in from Vauxhall on October 21, 2017, part of a colony of 10 that were saved from being poisoned. They both are the sweetest little girls who love to spend their days playing and relaxing with each other and the other cats. Honeydew loves attention and being pet. She will chatter at you then roll over for a few belly rubs as well and she will give you gentle licks to show her love back. Honeydew loves to play and chase the other kittens around the house and if any fly comes into the house Honeydew is on the hunt! Melon is more reserved but is learning to trust humans from watching her sister. She will gladly smell and investigate your hand if you place it near her. She is also learning to trust humans because of her love to drink out of the tap. She has learned that only us humans can turn on the water, so she will follow you to sink and look at you with her hopeful eyes so that she can get a fresh drink! Melon loves spending the day relaxing in the catio with the other kittens and will often curl up beside someone for an afternoon nap. 




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