Huginn and Muninn

EDOB: April 2019

Gender: Male
Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Kitten - Average

Huginn and Muninn were found with their sister, Ayela on June 13, 2019. These boys are the sweetest, most lovable little cats that you will ever meet! They love to be loved, and the moment you touch them they are instant purr machines. Huginn and Muninn are easy going, gentle and love to help you with chores around the house. When not being loved on, they are energetic and fun kittens who absolutely love one another. They do nearly everything together, even the cat box! Huginn and Muninn love wrestling and chasing each other around the house. Huginn has an open, friendly personality that really matches his open, friendly face! He is a super popular dude amongst his foster siblings, as everyone enjoys his mellow, good natured company. He is always first to the door to greet you and stands up for pets. When you exit a room, expect to look down and spot Huginn chillin’ out on his back, usually purring up a storm. When someone busts out the laser pointer, this mild mannered boy will turn to his wild side trying to get that laser pointer for you! Muninn is an intelligent, good natured boy with kitten-soft fur. Pick him up and he will languish in your arms purring softly. He loves water and will gladly supervise anything to do with the bathroom sink. Muninn is an affectionate boy who will happily join you for naps. He is very attentive to anyone feeling down and will bring them his favorite mousey and brush up against you lovingly. He will even play fetch! He has recently started mimicking his brother by chilling out on his back in the middle of the floor, waiting for belly rubs. These boys get along with anyone, anything, anywhere. Huginn and Muninn are just happy to share their love! 



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