Both of these girls are great with other cats, dogs, and children.


est DoB: 02 May 2021
Ivy has beautiful markings, her hair is super soft and she's got the tiniest meow. She will always meow when you're preparing her food, just to let you know she is there. 
Ivy is not your typical kitten - running around and getting into things - she would be like a very cautious and responsible child.  She is very aware of her surroundings and takes things slow.

She enjoys being near and snuggling with you, loves to relax in the cat tree or the sun, but can usually be found sleeping on the bed. Ivy is a tiny thing but seems older than she is - mentally and emotionally - like an old soul.

Ivy is in a foster home that has several other cats and kittens. She lays and comforts the ones who have medical needs, and she has found a dear friend in Sakura. Ivy enjoys cleaning Sakura, cuddling and sleeping with her almost like a mother.

est DoB: 01 March 2021 
Sakura was found in Vauxhall in very bad shape with a terribly infected wound, bacteria in her ears, and parasites! She made a remarkable recovery and looks like a different cat.  her soft fur feels like satin and it goes perfectly with her soft timid meow.

Sakura is a very affectionate girl, and loves to snuggle for pets and love. She will curl up and sleep with you, and loves to have your attention or to just be near you.
She gets along great with all of the foster siblings and is a very laid back kitty. She likes to hang out with the dogs just as much as the cats, but there is one in particular that she loves and that is Ivy. 

Ivy 01.jpg

Ivy top, and Sakura bottom