Jaggers & Marco

EDOB: 2016

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Jaggers and Marco are brothers who came to the rescue on October 27, 2017 after their person passed away. They were both very scared and confused upon intake but they opened up quickly and are now the most friendly, happy cats. Jaggers is a very sweet, lovable boy who loves to be cuddled and pet. He loves nothing more than to snuggle up on your lap! When getting loved on, he will look at you with eyes so full of love, your heart melts. If you walk away from him while he is still wanting some love, he will talk and talk trying to convince you to come back. Marco is very inquisitive and will help you with chores around the house by watching you very intently and then will come to investigate for himself; he's even climbed a ladder to get a 

better view! He may put on a serious front, but Marco is a sweetheart who loves affection. Marco loves pets and cuddles and he will purr the whole time. You'll often find Jaggers and Marco napping throughout the house together, or relaxing in the catio. If you turn on the bathroom tap both of the boys will come running for a delicious drink! Jaggers will run his paws through the stream first to make sure that the water is suitable before he has a drink and Marco waits his turn after trusting Jaggers has done his inspection before drinking. Once it's dinner time Marco will chirp and rub up against your legs to let you know how excited he is for his meal. After dinner the boys will have a play with their turbo scratchers or toys filled with catnip before snuggling up in their beds for a good night's sleep. These boys are so easygoing, lovable and fun that you will never have a dull moment with them, they are the perfect family members!

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