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est DoB: 01 August 2022
energy level: active kittens
good with: cats

Family: Mama (mom), Greyson (brother), and Whitie (Brother)
This family is not bonded but if someone would like to adopt them together that would be great!

A senior citizen brought this little family in from the cold after she found them living under the step at her townhouse complex. She and her neighbour went to work for several days trying to trap them. Mama and her three boys, Blackie, Greyson, and Whitie, were happy to have a place to call home before the first snowfall of the season.

All three of these boys know how to get their purr engines roaring! They love other cats and would do well in homes where they can continue to socialize.

BLACKIE This little spitfire is the absolute epitome of a kitten. He's a fireball full of energy who will play play play and then melt your heart in the very next second. He's an adorable little stinker.

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