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Est. DoB: September 19, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: children, cats

*Located in Picture Butte*

Buena was rescued from a landowner who purchased several cats but refused to give them any vetting or care. Buena was rescued with her mom, Lovie, and two siblings. They've been happily living in a foster home ever since.

Buena is the shyest of the kittens and is sometimes hard to catch. She is still learning that humans can be kind and gentle. She will often come and play with her siblings, but only after a few minutes of watching them first, just to be safe. She loves toys! She doesn't mind other cats or the tiny humans she lives with.

Because she is a kitten, Buena needs to be adopted into a home with another cat, or better yet - with her mom or one of her siblings.

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