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Est. DoB: October 10, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, children

Dawson and his siblings were living in an unheated garage but when the weather got too cold they came to LCCR. Now they are living in a foster home and stealing hearts!

Dawson is outgoing and full of personality, he likes to play with anything that resembles a ball and loves to explore. He doesn’t shy away from much of anything. He’s also very affectionate and will come up to you right away to get pets or to curl up on you for a nap. He purrs when he’s around human interaction and is always the first of the litter to fall asleep curled up on you or beside you. His fur is very soft and he likes his belly rubbed. He likes to take long naps after being a little stinker.

Dawson will do well in a home with other cats and children.

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