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gender male
est. DoB: 10 August 2022
energy level: active kittens
good with: cats

Siblings: Chess and Vivo (They are not Bonded)

If you look in the dictionary under the word "kitten" you will find a picture of these three hooligans. Though they're full of spunk now, their start at life wasn't so picturesque. They were found at only seven or eight weeks old in the same area many other homeless cats have been found. Their mother was feral and vanished, leaving six kittens behind. Three of those kittens died, but LCCR rescued these ones just in time.

All three of this pack are very playful, curious, silly, spider monkeys who enjoy climbing up the six-foot sides of their kitty enclosure. They also enjoy the company of other cats and LOVE climbing all over willing children. They're also complete maniacs when it comes to mealtimes, inhaling their food in a flash.

FANTA: Noun. Definition: "textbook kitty cat." Fanta is an orange tabby cat. He is very well rounded. He enjoys independence and pets, climbing and cuddling, exploring and snoozing. He shows a lot of interest in people but doesn't enjoy being held as much as the other two and would much rather be playing and chasing toys with you. However, Fanta loves to snuggle up when it's time for a nap.

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