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gender Female
est. DoB: October 2, 2022
energy level: active kitten
good with: cats

Siblings: Bento, Natto, Matcha, Udon, Sashimi, and Yuzu (They are not Bonded)

Gyoza is one of Rosabel's 7 babies. They are all very high energy constantly running and playing. Gyoza is a super sassy girl in a tiny body. She’s the littlest out of all her siblings but definitely has one of the biggest personalities. One of her favourite things to do is jump on our back when we are tuned away from you. We still don’t know how something so tiny can jump so high! When she’s not jumping and running around at the speed of light she’s playing with her sister Matcha and tiring eachother out. They are the best of friends always playing and cuddling. If you see one of them you always see the other. It would be great if someone would adopt Gyoza and Matcha together but they can also be adopted separately.

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