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Est. DoB: August 20, 2023
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, dogs, children

Miss Latoya Jackson arrived at LCCR with her mom and sisters. Despite being a kitten herself, she was already pregnant after living with several unfixed males. Very soon after she arrived she gave birth to four little copycats. Her kittens are being adopted one by one and Latoya is ready for her forever home too!

Here is what her foster has to say about her:

"Latoya is the best! She is so sweet and playful. She is still young so she gets the zoomies when she finds a toy she likes. She LOVES to play with any toy and will entertain herself. She will chat a little when she's playing and can chat a lot when you're getting her wet food ready.

"She loves to be pet and will let you pick her up and give her forehead kisses. When she wants down, she will squirm, but not usually scratch. She makes the cutest face when you go to pet her head.

"She does well with other cats, rarely hisses or fights and she is learning that dogs can usually be ignored, but if they get too much in her bubble - she will swat. A chill, cat savvy dog would be best. Loud and energetic dogs are not her favorite."

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