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Est. DoB: July 1, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats

Mango was born in an LCCR foster home that was caring for his mama, Shantelle. He's been a mama's boy right from the start and is a sweetheart. He's the biggest of the litter and has big paws for a kitten. He'll probably grow up to be a big cat.

Because he's the biggest of his siblings he often uses his size to his advantage. He's very playful with his siblings and will protect anything he can get between his paws - whether it's a catnip mouse or the litter scoop (his favourite toy.) If one of the other kittens tries to take his toy away he will turn his back to them and growl. His owner will need to be patient and consistent with him so that he does not grow up to be a bully.

He's learned very quickly not to bite or scratch. But if he forgets he is easily corrected - just rub his paw or under his chin and he stops right away.

Because he is still a kitten, Mango will need to be adopted with his mama, one of his siblings (Sunset, Pepper, Rainbow, or Storm) or into a home that already has another cat.

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