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gender Female
est. DoB: August 15, 2022
energy level: active kitten
good with: cats, relaxed dogs, kids

Miso Soup is a fun, cuddly little ball of energy. We initially caught her in the backyard of our home and she seemed skittish at first. She still get a little scared when she hears foot steps but she is such a brave gal and she now comes out of her hiding places to get a scratch. She loves playing, chasing and lots of pets. She is so cuddly and will not hesitate to knead on anything she touches, including people. She is curious to other cats but does not seem to enjoy high energy dogs. She loves people though! She can play a bit rough so little kids will definitely need to be watched until she learns a bit more. All in all she is a wonderful little kitten, who's got lots of time to grow.

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