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Est. DoB: 15 June 2022
Energy level: active kitten
Good with: cats, relaxed dogs, children

Pascal was picked up by a wonderful passerby who saw a truck drop him off in a ditch on the side of the road. He has since been in foster where his foster mom has gotten to know him a little bit! He is a sweet, playful, cuddly little guy who loves to purr. He is very energetic and playful. Loves to chase his ball and catch cat toys. He loves to snuggle up with his foster mom and the other cats in the home. He is very curious, especially when someone in the home is cooking. He likes to try to get his fosters pen whenever she is writing. He loves his treats and wet food. He is still working on staying off the kitchen counter but is so cute that it is easy to forgive him and love him!

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