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Est DoB: 15 July 2022
Energy level: active kitten
Good with: cats
Siblings: Cashew, Noogie, Pip Squeak (not bonded but would do well adopted with one of them)

Pizzle came to LCCR with his mom, Peaches, and his littermates, Cashew, Noogie, Pip Squeak, and Truffle.

CASHEW (male) Orange tabby with wide stripes on body. Cashew is bigger and more cuddly than his twin, Pizzle. Cashew has become know in the intake house as a bit of a Houdini. He does not like being confined and loves to run and explore. He is smart and knows when the volunteers are trying to trick him to get back in with his brothers and sisters. He seems to like all the high places in the house. Cashew has the cutest little face that comes from his dad.

NOOGIE (female) Dilute short hair tortoiseshell. Noogie was a mama's girl right from day one, out of all her siblings she is always the one to be found cuddled up or following Peaches.  Noogie and her sister Truffle are the shy girls of the group but are getting much better with the volunteers in the house. She likes to stand on her back legs like a little Meerkat to see all the other cats in the house.

PIP SQUEAK (female) Light grey tabby. She is the most adventurous but also the most compliant of the bunch. She is an absolute sweetheart! She is the littlest but that doesn't stop her from having an adorable personality. Pipsqueak can also be a little sneaky girl to try to get out of her condo with her siblings and into the main house. She is not as fast as her brother Cashew though so she is a bit easier to catch. She would love more space to explore!

PIZZLE (male) Orange tabby with narrow stripes on body. Pizzle is smaller than his twin, Cashew. Pizzle and Cashew are the two gingers of the group and they love to be together. Pizzle would often try to evade getting pets at the beginning but he is learning to enjoy them now.

TRUFFLE (female) Dark long hair tortoiseshell. She is a sweet girl with the softest fur. She is very friendly and loves neck scratches Truffles is a bit of a loner that seems to enjoy her time alone instead of being in the excitement of all the siblings around her.

If you would like to meet any of these cute kittens please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR by email! The kitties are excited to meet you!

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