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Female and Male
Est. DoB: May 7, 2023
Energy level: active kitten
Good with: cats

Possum and Lemon were found in Vulcan County with their mom and siblings. Since then they have been living in a home with a foster family. They have adjusted well to all the comforts of indoor living: a warm bed, regular meals, and loving attention.

Possum is very shy and very sassy. She is not a big fan of being touched or picked up, but will sometimes tolerate sitting in your lap and being pet. She loves playing with her siblings and being the queen of the cat post - going so far as to push everyone else off!

Lemon is a very beautiful lilac Siamese cat. He will come out and about to play, cuddle his siblings, or explore, but he is still a little shy. Possum brings him a lot of confidence.

This bonded pair will will need to go together to a family who is willing to be patient and help them become the best cats they can be.

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