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Est. DoB: April 25, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, dogs

Female (white muzzle)
Est DoB: March 11, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, dogs

Ross and Perdida came to us separately but now they're two peas in a pod and bonded for life.

Ross was found on a farm and was going to be killed until his rescuer brought him to us. He and Perdida were both sick when they were found. But now they're living it up in their foster home. They're both beautiful tabbies with white paws. Perdida also has a white muzzle.

Ross is very quiet, very fast, and loves to explore. If you don't see him zipping around in the open, you're likely to find him under the furniture.

Perdida's foster family likes to call her Noodle because she was super tiny and skinny when she came to them and would become a limp noodle when they picked her up. Her favourite toys are balls with bells inside.

These two became bonded very quickly. When they first came to their foster home Perdida would open her mouth to meow and the sound would come out of Ross. They both love to cuddle each other and be carried around. They're very sweet, phenomenal kittens who are both very playful. They chase any toy on a string and love to jump and climb. They have no issues with the dog in their foster home but haven't been around any children yet.

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