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Est DoB: 08 August 2022
Energy level: Active Kitten
Good with: Likely another active cat

This poor kitten came to LCCR after he had been thrown from a vehicle. He had road rash on his face which had become infected, ear mites, worms, an eye infection, and all his nails were broken.

Sam Spade is a sweet heart. He is always on the go and does not seem to know how to be still. He is a little hunter and loves to stalk and pounce on his favourite mouse toy. He is so excited to see his foster mom every time she gets home. This little dude purrs nonstop. He is mischievous, adventurous and a true kitten. He will definitely need a covered in litter box as he likes to dig with a flare but he is litter trained. He gives little love nibbles on fingers but nothing hard. He fetches and rolls over like a baby for some eye contact and cuddles. He has not been introduced to other cats or dogs/kids but he would probably do well with another active cat to help burn off his energy.

If you can give this active, loving boy a home please fill out an adoption application or contact us for more information!

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