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Est. DoB: April 17, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats

Speck's mom and dad, Purdy and Pongo, were semi-feral cats living on the street. A nice lady would feed them and built them a hut to sleep in and stay warm. But when she sold her house she couldn't take them with her, so she reached out to the LCCR for help. Purdy was pregnant and soon delivered five fuzzy little furballs, including Speck.

Speck is a typical tuxedo cat with a black body and white on his face, chest and paws. The white stripe up his nose sits just a little off centre. He is calm and a bit nervous about humans but will settle in and cuddle after a few minutes. He likes to play and wrestle with his siblings. And he's a huge fan of water. He loves to dip his paws in his water dish, splash it around, and lick it off his paw.

Because he is still a kitten he must be adopted with one of his siblings (Fidget, Freckles, and Polka) or to a home that already has a cat.

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