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Est. DoB: June 5, 2023
Energy level: active - kittens
Good with: cats, dogs

These two ADORABLE brothers were dumped out in the County and found on the edge of a man's property. They had made a little home for themselves inside of a dried up culvert. Thankfully they came to us before they could get washed away.

Swagger and Dagger have the same grey tabby pattern, but Swagger has more white on his face and body. They get along super well with their foster family's cat and dog.

Swagger is more independent than his brother, loves to play, and is obsessed with the dog. His favourite thing to do is play with the doggo's tail. Dagger is more reserved but also likes to play when given some encouragement. He is a cuddle bug and his favourite place to be is on his foster mama's lap.

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