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Est. DoB: August 20, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, dogs

Tazo and three other kittens were found near Broxburn all alone and scrounging for food. Sadly one did not survive, but the other three made it to the vet and then were transferred to foster care.

Tazo is a wonderful cat. He's a little gentleman and absolutely loves food. No matter whose meal it is, he'll be interested in taking a bite. He loves to be around people and to cuddle. When his foster mom comes into the room he tries to climb her so he can cuddle up on her neck. She will pat her legs and he will stretch his paws up onto her knees so she can pick him up.

Tazo is a tough boy and loves to wrestle with his sisters, chasing each other's tails. He even likes to play with the big high energy dog he lives with. Other times he just likes to come and rub up against him. He also gets along well with the other cats in the house.

Because he is still a kitten, Tazo needs to be adopted into a home that already has a cat, or with one of his siblings (Icon or Zap.)

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