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Est. DoB: October 10, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, children

Teensy and her siblings were living in an unheated garage until the weather turned cold. Since then they have been living the dream life in a foster home.

Teensy is the runt of the litter and lives up to her name. She is very very small! She has the world's smallest adorable meow and likes to sit back and watch everything that's going on. But don't let her size or timid demeanour fool you. She has kitten energy and can play with the best of them. She never lets her big brothers push her around.

Teensy LOVES to be held and petted. She's an excellent lap warmer. When she’s done playing she’s ready for a big bowl of food and a nap, generally on the lap or in the arms of a human or in a laundry basket. She comes to one of the older cats in her foster home a lot and lays in front of her to get a bath.

Teensy would benefit from living in a home with an older cat who would act as a big brother or sister to her. She's good with other cats and children.

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