EDOB: May 2017

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Kiwi was rescued from Vauxhall on October 21, 2017 as part of a colony of 10 that were saved from being poisoned. Initially she was a very shy girl, but she has gained confidence in herself and is now very curious about people and everything we do. Kiwi doesn’t mind your presence or the occasional pat but she will look at you curiously, trying to understand why you are touching her. Once she has had enough of your hand, she will use her little white paws to bat at it letting you know to leave her alone. She can be a sassy girl! Kiwi will spend most of the afternoon relaxing in the catio but she is quite the little huntress and she loves to chase bugs and watch the birds fly by. She loves to play and is always one of the first cats to come play when she hears her toys moving. She has a favourite orange mouse that she loves to play with (which matches her orange fur perfectly; she colour coordinates). She will spend hours entertaining herself by batting it around and flinging it up into the air to pounce after. Kiwi also loves to play with the other kittens and chase each other around the house. Once she has worn off her energy, you’ll find her napping around the house, often cuddled up to on of her friends. She loves to follow her friend, Chachi around the house and will show her love to him by rubbing up against him for a cuddle. Kiwi feels confident and secure with the other kittens and would love to be adopted along with one of her friends.  

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