est DoB: 2014

energy level: average

Lakota was found with her head pressed up against a fence in an alley on the west side on 19 August 2019. She was emaciated, starving, thickly matted up and very scared.  After spending time in her foster home, Lakota is now a very talkative, laid back girl.

You can have a conversation with her: she will talk back to you! She enjoys head and ear rubs and she especially loves rubbing her head affectionately on your own. 


Lakota is a very sweet girl and at night she will sleep right above you, nudging her way to sleep. She loves spending her days sitting in the window peacefully watching the birds outside but her most favourite part of the day is feeding time - she relishes her wet food more than anything. Lakota is slowly learning how to live with other cats and dogs, and would love a family where she can continue to learn how to trust and be loved.