EDOB: October 2017

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average


Larry was found behind Café Verde on January 3, 2018 with his siblings Mo and Corrina. He is a gentle, laid back cat, who loves to cuddle. He will talk to you with his sweet little chirps to tell you he would like some love. Larry loves getting attention from his humans and enjoys laying on your lap to have a snuggle, he purrs and kneads the whole time. He is easygoing and loving, but he does love to play! You will hear him running around the house chasing or being chased by one of the other kittens, often leading to a game of tag between all the kittens in the house. Once he has worn off his energy, he loves to relax especially in any empty box that is available and when the weather is nice, Larry loves to spend his afternoons relaxing with Corrina and the other kittens in the catio. He and Corrina will often come together for your love and rub up on each other in between your pats, but if they get in each others space when they’re not in the mood for it they will have a little spat where they bop each other with their paws, typical siblings! Sure enough, the next time you see them they’ll be sleeping beside each other again. Because Larry loves the company of his pals, he would love to be adopted with one of his friends.  

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